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“My artwork is the creative product of giving into divine sparks of inspiration. I like to explore emotional worlds, psychological states, as well as aspects of nature. My background in Art Therapy has had great influence on my perspective of the creative process, as it involves combining the elements of the mind, body and spirit. Creating art, as well as witnessing the creative works of others, is inherently healing. Image-making has always been a method of making sense of life and deriving meaning from existence. 

As an artist I don’t like to stay committed to any one subject matter, medium, style, or theme. My work is like journal entries, and I embrace the freedom and mystery of not knowing what will inspire me from one moment to the next. The driving motivation behind my practice ultimately comes from a deep well of curiosity, wonder, and playfulness regarding the human experience. Whether the images are derived from inner or outer worlds, each work of art functions like a story. No matter how unconnected and disparate one work of art may seem from another on the surface, they are always threaded together in some way. This mimics the way that all aspects of our world are deeply interwoven and interconnected in ways that don't immediately meet the eye. All pieces of reality and imagination are true and worth exploring.”

Amelia Carey

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